Redmi note 5a touch screen ways

Redmi Note 5A Touch Screen ways for Not Working Downside Resolution Touch IC Jumper Touch Not Responding. If ever attempting to repair Redmi Note 5A Touch Screen failure points and also you’ll do changing the touch plate module, attempting to calibrate the touch screen setting however unresponsive and restoring, upgrading, and flashing the Mobile firmware however nothing occurs, the issue still exists and the touch screen left unresponsive.

It generally occurs if the Redmi Note 5A suffered as a result of moist damage, closely dropped and any associated damage by accident executed by the user. On this case, solely a {hardware} restore might only assist resolve the issue.

This resolution under shows the Redmi Note 5A PCB board elements that maintain and management the touch screen panel to work. You may be confused as to the place the issue of your Redmi Note 5A touch calibrator is coming from and discovering it difficult on easy methods to resolve the issue. Initially, let’s attempt to see the possible areas or causes of this annoying problem that makes it not possible so that you can use your Xiaomi Mi 9 touch screen or calibrator in your process.

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redmi note 5a touch screen ways

redmi note 5a touch screen ways,

Unplug and plug touch screen strip and verify. Plug-in some other good Touch Screen and Test. This step is to confirm whether or not the issue is in {hardware} or Redmi Note 5A touch screen is defective. If the issue is in {hardware} then clear touch onboard connector and verify. Gently heat surrounding elements of contact display and verify. Re-solder every pin of the touch connector and verify.

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Why touch screen not working ??

  • Damaged or broken touch display screen
  • Rust from water harm
  • Disconnection from the touch display screen socket or connector
  • A broken or damaged connecting path (open circuit)
  • A defective or missing resistor, capacitor, IC (built-in circuit) and so forth
  • After firmware update touch screen not working flash the stock rom  of your device may fix your problem.
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