Redmi 6 Pro Ear Speaker Ways Earpiece Audio Problem Solution

On this put up, you’ll discover the answer of the Redmi 6 Pro Ear Speaker Ways audio downside with an earpiece or receiver speaker. This answer will make your troubleshooting simple and fast.

Typically, it’s simpler to discover a answer when the place the issue lies. With out an concept of the place the issue is, we could not be capable to troubleshoot precisely and successfully.

If the Redmi 6 Pro earpiece isn’t working or no sounds could be heard on it, chances are you’ll first manually verify the receiver speaker utilizing a multimeter. If the Redmi 6 Professional speaker is broken substitute it. A poor, distorted or garbled sounds can also be a sign of a nasty speaker. If the speaker is okay clear the speaker terminal contact pads, make sure that it has correctly or good connection between the speaker’s terminal. Test the filter elements, such coils, and ESD diodes.

What’s Earpiece or Speaker in a Cellular Cellphone?

Earpiece or Speaker in a cell phone is a digital difficulty or component that facilitates listening to sound all through good cellphone’s title. It’s likewise generally known as Speaker or Ear Speaker. The earpiece is controlled through Audio IC or Power IC (UEM).

Ear Speaker Issues

  • No sound in-ear speaker.
  • Low Sound in-ear Speaker.
  • Distorted sound in speaker

Redmi 6 Pro Ear Speaker Ways Earpiece Audio Downside Answer

verify the Redmi 6 Pro ear speaker level after opening the cell. if ringers level isn’t working and its worth isn’t proper then substitute it with a brand new speaker downside shall be solved.if the issue is not going to be solved then verify ringers level on board.If their worth isn’t proper then verify components and elements with the there path from the above diagram.If some path is lacking then apply a jumper.If any half and elements should not working substitute it with a brand new one.

Hints to repair Redmi 6 Pro Ear Speaker or Audio Downside Restore Answer:

Test the Redmi 6 Pro ear speaker assembly for potential broken and or misaligned. Use a multimeter to

verify it (The way to use Multimeter), substitute if already busted.

If the speaker is okay, verify and clear the speaker terminal contact pads. Corrosion would possibly weaken and loosen the connection.

Trace the speaker+ and speaker- connection to every sure elements the place it’s being linked.

Test and substitute the filter capacitor and resistor elements.

Test and guarantee first that ear speaker is working or already tried putting in a substitute spare on.

If the audio system have been okay, chances are you’ll then proceed to verify these elements confirmed on the answer above.

There are filter coils linked on the circuit, chances are you’ll first verify this element

redmi 6 pro ear speaker ways
redmi 6 pro ear speaker ways

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