Poco X2 charging ways solution | track ways

On this page we have shared the Xiaomi Poco X2 charging ways solution screen ways to fix some problems , if you are a mobile technician to find a touch screen solution for your mobile -its a right place to landing your downside solutions.

Some time your touch screen not working it will become two major problems the first one is firmware and the second one is Hardware. If your device after update the latest firmware by system update there after update your mobile touch screen is not working you need to flash your device to previous version of firmware installed on your phone .

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Else it will become hardware issue your touch screen to the following issue :

  1. Broken touch screen
  2. open circuit damage
  3. integrated circuit damage
  4. water damage

Poco X2 charging ways download :

poco x2 charging ways
poco x2 charging ways

On this image are the charging ways to the Pcb direct from sub board You can solder the wire or track. This track ways solve the fake charging ways , mobile not charging , charging base faulty etc.,

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