Lava Z91 Vck error fix

Lava z91: : When you run the flash tool error occur as Vck Error. So that am showing you how to fix the error and flash your Lava Z91 device. Most of new MediaTek devices come with latest cpu so that the Download agent of the tools not working. You can manually select Download agent file and do the flash. Some of new users after flash the mobile was go dead condition. Drivers only detected after dead your device, so you must know the rule of flash MediaTek devices.   Rule of Flash MediaTek Devices : First check your lable of your device, remove battery and find it, Check Software information of your device , Like Software Version , Hard Version (SW VER 14.0 HW VER 1.4) , If inbuild device and some two varient RAM and ROM devices you cant find the version info. so that you search and enter your device info find the Ram size to choose correct firmware.

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