Huawei Y6 Prime light ways (2019) DISPLAY light ways solution

The answer under shows the Huawei Y6 Prime light ways (2019) Backlight Ways LCD and show jumper or components that maintain and control for the LCD display screen display backlight to glow. If one in every of these elements could change into defective as a result of wet or water broken it’s going to lead to LCD’s backlight failure.

To repair the dark display screen Huawei Y6 Prime (2019) Backlight problem, it’s possible you’ll first attempt to change or set up a brand new Display screen module, to simply verify if the LCD’s backlight LED’s had been still working or already broken. You can too test the LED’s using the multimeter when you can handle with out damaging the LCD flex connector. If the newly put in LCD still shows the identical problem and the LED light doesn’t light up, seek advice from the answer under and locate the highlighted components on the PCB board.

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Huawei Y6 Prime light ways (2019) Backlight And Show issues that you simply might encounter:

  • White Display
  • No Display
  • Lines on Show
  • Low Mild on Display
  • No Backlight

What Is An Huawei Y6 Prime (2019) Backlight LCD or Display screen Backlight?

To start out with, an LCD is the digital show interface of your cellphone, it’s the interactive half the place you see what goes on as you use or tap on an icon, watch a video, play music or video games, and so on. When the LCD (liquid crystal show) is defective or broken, you one received’t be capable of get pleasure from it as earlier than. That is the place the LCD backlight is available in, the backlight is a collection of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) nicely arranged and suited within the display screen layers to offer illumination to the LCD display screen.

When the LEDs are affected, chances are high that the display screen will go black-out, which implies you received’t be able to see a factor! Show light issues are very common not just to Xiaomi Redmi 6 however every other #Android phones available in the market. They’ll both be attributable to a firmware glitch or a {hardware} problem. The very best factor an proprietor can do is attempt to discover out the trigger in order that it will be simpler to formulate an answer.

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Huawei Y6 Prime (2019) Backlight Methods Show Problem Resolution

huawei y6 prime light ways
  • Test the LCD for attainable broken, cracked or damaged. Replace if necessary.
  • Test the device firmware, and do a self-test and calibration technique. replace or flash the firmware.
  • Test the LCD pin connector for possible broken. Clear, re-solder or change if needed.
  • Now Test Continuity between the Show connector to the resistor compounds. if any of then is track missing then make a jumper.
  • If the above procedures don’t repair the issue the attainable defective is the principal engine IC. Attempt to re-heater rework it.

How To Restore Huawei Y6 Prime (2019) Backlight Problem?

First, it is advisable confirm from the mobile setting menu. If the display lights setting is lively and there’s no challenge of disabled lights perform. That you must restore this issue (Dark show) show gentle just isn’t working from the {hardware} repairing or troubleshooting.

1. Clear each connectors on the motherboard and show strip links pinpoints.

2.After cleaning tries to test your issue by power in your mobile phone.

3. The issue is coming from lacking light pinpoints generally. Try to make direct similar because the picture diagram above.

4.If the light present is exhibiting on the connector pinpoints. Take a look at and change the show lights LED.

5.If there isn’t a present on the connector pins. Attempt to clear or take a look at the light controller chip.6. For the faulted display lights from the front panel, That you must repair it by repairing the lights part.

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