Oppo cph1853 dump file by umt emmc tool free

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Today am sharing the Oppo CPH1853 dump file READED BY UMT EMMC TOOL who have umt tool activation users can download and write a dumb file ummt emmc tool .

This dump file fix the following issue your device

oppo cph1853 dumb file
oppo cph1853 dump file

Hanging on logo, Device restart problem, boot loop, qcom mode unbrick mean dead boot repair etc.,

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Tools Requirement :

1.Umt emmc tool activation

2.Umt hardware

3.Micro soldering


5.0.1mm jumber wire

Instruction : Before you write dumb file once check your harware and mother board any damage and use good quality usb cable another one thing is you solder the following pinouts only





DON’T damage any hardware during the process of soldering isp pinout if damaged you cant recovery your device.

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Download Oppo cph1853 dum file:

File Format :RAR & BIN

File Size : 110 mb

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